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During autumn, nature offers us changes in it that are worthy of admiration: the fall of the leaves, the changes in the landscapes, new colors in the sky… and it also offers us opportunities to enjoy it by doing outdoor activities. And in this time of pandemic it is of greater importance to carry out activities of this type where we can be away from crowds and enjoying what nature can offer us.

Thinking about these types of activities, at Ropa Mundo we have selected garments in our “Fishing / Hunting mix” pack that will be the best option for your customers to enjoy this fall and be prepared with the best style and functionality for any adventure you want to undertake.

This bale contains a wide variety of garments that are of great quality and can be used for many activities. If your clients are looking for clothes to go camping, to take a walk in the forest, take a walk in the fresh air or even to go fishing, this bale is the best option to cover these needs. Even if they just want clothes for a walk in a nearby park or to do repairs at home, this bale fits this.

Like all our bales, the “Fishing / Hunting mix” garments are compressed and weigh 100 pounds or 45 kilos. La paca offers clothing mainly for men and you can find pants, cargo style pants, long and short sleeve shirts, long and short sleeve shirts and both light and thick jackets. Additionally, we have overalls style pants that have straps for those activities that demand great movement but that require clothing to stay in place. Likewise, the bale has an assortment of vests and sweatshirts, so as you can see, we have covered all the needs you may have when carrying out autumn activities with this assortment.

The sizes included in the bale are varied from girl to big and the garments are made of different materials and patterns, although they have in common the camouflage pattern in mainly earth colors, including green and dark brown.

Among the brands that you can find in this pack are UnderArmour, Realtree and Outfitters, with which we can assure you of the quality and style of these garments.

The “Fishing / Hunting mix” bale is the best option so that you can supply your store with a wide variety of products so that your customers can choose and be comfortable, fashionable and stylish during their activities autumnal.