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As the weather changes, we cannot hesitate to consider this factor when selecting the bales we want to buy. At Ropa Mundo we are aware of this since we know that selling summer clothes in cold season, or vice versa, would ultimately be a very bad option for our customers since it would make it difficult to sell the garments because they are not products that are required in that moment.

This is why in order to always offer you the best products so that you in turn can offer them to your customers, as the seasons change, we adjust the contents of our bales so that you can always have the best products and variety so that your customers enjoy.

In this autumn season, where the weather becomes more unpredictable as we wake up with a low temperature that rises as the day opens to cool off again in the afternoons, or even surprise us with a good rain, our bales offer you warmer products compared to the bales we had just a few weeks ago in summer. If you remember correctly, in our summer bales you found T-shirts and pants made of light, flowing fabrics that were very much in keeping with the season; With this new climate, you can expect to find varieties more suited to this climate in our bales.

With warmer and thicker fabrics, our fall bales contain a variety of items that will keep your customers warm and ready to face the changes of weather in the best way. You can also expect a variety similar to summer bales, in the sense that you will find T-shirts, pants, sweaters and shirts in the same variety of sizes from extra small to large and with special extra large size bales, but adding to these products more in line with the season such as jackets and coats.

Do not miss our following articles where we will tell you about the different products that you can find in this season’s bales.