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December, the month of the most anticipated celebrations of the year, has arrived! Although we cannot deny that this year has been especially challenging and the Christmas holidays will not be the same as other years, we cannot forget that during these dates we all like to release, have a special look and also use fun clothes that distinguish us from others.

And so that you can offer your customers seasonal products that make them feel special on these dates, we offer you our bale called “Christmas sweaters”. Like all the bales of Ropa Mundo, the “Christmas sweaters” comes compressed with a weight of 100 pounds, or 45 kilos and in this you can find a variety of fabrics and styles that will adapt to the needs and tastes of all your customers.

In the bale you will find sweaters with prints such as reindeer, snowmen, Christmas scenes, penguins and other figures related to the season, and you will also find prints of characters like Mickey Mouse in Christmas scenes. Additionally we have some sweaters that are very innovative since they have light bulbs that when you flip their switch, come to life so that your clients are the sensation of the night.

The bale comes assorted for men, women and children in a variety of sizes ranging from small to extra large. Regarding the materials, some sweaters are quite thick fabrics like cotton for those clients who live in colder climates, and others are lighter, but still warm. The lighter sweaters are ideal for clients who come in areas where the temperature does not drop too low at this time or who want to wear the sweater under a coat or jacket. Also for the season for which this bale is designed, most of the colors that you can find here are red, green and blue tones that combine perfectly with the patterns of the different garments.

We are sure that with our pack of “Christmas sweaters” your clients will be able to find that special garment that will make them look splendid this Christmas season. We also recommend that you do not miss our selection of bales of jackets and coats since together, with these bales you can have a very wide assortment to offer your customers combinations and styles that will keep them warm and happy this season.