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The bales of clothes we could say are the essence of Ropa Mundo. In our clothing bales you will find a wide variety of clothes and fashion styles that satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customer.

Our clothing bales are categorized into three tiers: premium, regular, and budget. Depending on the classification of the bale, it is the brand of the garments that you can find and their quality. All the garments that you will find in these bales are in good condition and in case you find any stains on them, you can wash them to clean them.

Our bales of clothing are assembled in different ways: you can find bales where you will find the same type of clothing, for example only sweatshirts of different sizes, fabrics and prints for men or women, or pants of the same style but different sizes and fabrics. Another type of bale is the combined one where you can find different types of garments in a variety of sizes, fabrics and styles. Likewise, we have bales of “4 marks” that combine 4 marks of the same type of garment.

These bales have a weight of 100 pounds and the clothes are compressed, depending on the type of items included you can find from 200 to 400 garments, but the quantity is determined by the type of product. For example, bales of t-shirts can include 400, those of pants a smaller amount as they are heavier clothes. Likewise, as the seasons change, so does our product offer. All our bales have versatile, fashionable clothing that adjusts to the season of the year. In summer we offer clothes made of more sheer and thinner fabrics, which are suitable for hot weather and in autumn and winter our bales offer clothes in thicker and warmer fabrics so that your customers can be warm at this time.

Without a doubt, in our clothing bales you will find the best variety of styles, materials and sizes so that your customers look fashionable.