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We cannot deny that footwear is a fundamental element that can help us spice up our outfits, and with the options we have in our shoe packs, you can be sure that your customers will always find the right variety to satisfy their tastes and needs. .

Are you looking for children’s footwear? We have it. Slippers for women? You can also find them here. For the gentlemen? We have many options for you.

Our shoe bales come in 50-pound bags and depending on the type of shoe and the sizes you can find between 28 to 42 pairs in each bag. This amount is affected since larger size shoes tend to weigh more and therefore, the number of pairs that you can find in the bag is reduced.

Within the mixed shoe bales you will find products for children and adults. In the variety of footwear for children you will find tennis shoes, dress shoes and more casual shoes in different materials and sizes. We have sneakers, casual sneakers, shoes that can be worn to school and shoes for day-to-day use. Children can find in these bales a wide variety of products to satisfy their tastes and needs.

In the variety of bales of men’s footwear you will find styles such as tennis shoes and casual and dress shoes, all used but in good condition. In terms of sizes you can find a wide variety that will surely please your customers.

When it comes to the bales of footwear for women, in these you will find sandals, dress shoes and even party shoes and very fashionable sneakers. In these bales you can find shoes up to size 5.5 Mexican and 8 American.

Likewise, as the seasons change, the type of footwear we offer also changes, so that you can always offer your customers products that are useful to them.

With our bales of footwear, you and your customers will be able to find the best variety, with fashionable styles at the best price.