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Although it is true that the cold is still present in many parts of the world, we cannot deny that in less than a rooster crows, spring and summer will arrive, and with them, the change of climate that requires thinner clothing that allows us enjoy the heat without losing comfort and style. And what better way than getting ready to offer your clients different garments that make them feel fresh and comfortable in that season that will soon be here.

So that you can stock your stores from now on, we present our Premium mixed summer bale. This bale includes summer clothing for both men and women in small, medium and large sizes. Like all our bales, it weighs 100 pounds, or 45 kilograms, and all the clothes are delivered clean and ready for you to display and promote to your customers.

This bale is particularly good since the quality of the clothes is Premium and in it you can find a wide variety of items that we assure you will satisfy the needs of all your customers and you can offer them different garments, either individually or in sets, so that they can look spectacular in the hot season.

Among what you can find in this bale are:

  • Jeans for both men and women in a straight cut for men and skinny for women.
  • Capris pants that can easily be made a little longer by unfolding the bottom part, you will find them both in denim and in other fabrics such as cotton.
  • Summer dresses without sleeves, shirt style, with ruffles and even some more formal ones of satin fabrics.
  • Shorts, both sporty for exercising and those for regular use to enjoy a hot day.
  • Sleeveless blouses of different patterns.
  • Short sleeve shirts and tank tops.
  • Sportswear such as light leggings and tops that will allow your clients to exercise and feel fresh at the same time.

Additionally, all the products in this pack are of a youthful and modern style and many of the garments come in very colorful and fashionable prints such as flowers, geometric patterns and even some garments include sequins so that your customers can achieve a more festive look. and stay cool to enjoy the heat.

Without a doubt, our Premium summer bale is a great option for you to start thinking about how you will stock your store in the hot season, so don’t wait any longer! It seems that there is a long way to go until summer arrives but you better be prepared to receive it.