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Today we are going to talk to you about a bale specially designed for women: “Sweaterdresses“. This bale includes a variety of sweaterdresses or knit dresses that we are sure your clients will love.

These garments are particularly useful this holiday season since, due to the versatility they offer, they can be used in a casual or more formal way, depending on the accessories with which they are combined.

The dresses that you will find in the bale come in sizes from girl to extra large and we have short and long models, some with short sleeves, others with long sleeves and even some sleeveless. These dresses, when used over tights, leggings or black tights and when combined with ankle boots, will give your client a modern and casual style. If on the other hand they combine them with long boots or even boots above the knee, the style changes for a more sensual and formal one. In the same way, you could use them with tennis shoes for days where it is not so cold and thus your clients will be able to look fashionable and stylish for a winter walk. For knitted dresses that do not have sleeves, we recommend that your clients wear them over a turtleneck blouse that matches the tones of the dress, and thus, they can be worn without major problem in winter, so that your client will be warm and fashionable with a jumper style.

In the bale you will find an assortment of different styles such as straight dresses, with a little flare, with an A-line on the skirt, or long. Among the fabric patterns that you can find are the classic plain blacks, from what have color blocks that divide the upper part of the skirt in different tones to those with applications or details such as buttons to give them a special touch. As for the colors, for the season itself, they tend to be darker, including black, different shades of gray, navy blue, wine and other colors typical of the winter season. In reference to the sizes, in the bale you will find from the girl to the extra large, so we are sure that you will be able to find that style that will make your clients happy this season.

Likewise, as additional ideas, you can suggest to your clients to add long necklaces, eye-catching earrings and even hats of different types to these dresses and play with the shoes and tights or tights to combine to achieve modern and stylish looks.

Without a doubt, our “Sweaterdresses” bale is one of your best options to offer to your clients this season.