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Today is the time to prepare to pamper your customers with a bale exclusively for ladies! Our Premium Blouse XL bale will be the favorite of ladies who require plus size blouses with a variety of styles and prints to look cute and fashionable in the hot season ahead.

In this bale you will find from 240 to 260 pieces, all ready for your customers to enjoy. The garments are delivered clean, some with stains that are washable, but in great style. All the garments in this pack are modern and we assure you that your clients will find the blouse, shirt or shirt that suits their tastes and needs. And they will certainly be a great complement to our packs of pants or skirts to create outfits that will blow everyone away.

The blouses in this pack are garments of light fabrics and different materials, you can find a variety of cotton, polyester or rayon, and some in a mixture of different fabrics that will give your customers that touch of style without losing comfort or freshness.

The type of blouses that you will find are buttons and short or long sleeves, with prints or plain. The plain ones mostly have details such as bags on the front, gathers or details in the fabric that will give it a cute look despite not having any prints. In the prints you will find from the traditional seasonal flowers to geometric prints or some more conceptual ones that will undoubtedly attract everyone’s attention.

We also have sleeveless shirts for a more casual look, or with sleeves for greater comfort. We also have some lace models to highlight the femininity of your clients, they will look pretty and feminine this season!

And if you thought this is it… we still have more! The bale can also contain animal print prints and even some cartoon characters, so we assure you that in this bale of blouses you will find a great variety that will allow you to offer your clients what they are looking for.

As a style tip, we recommend you make sets of these blouses with light pants or skirts from other bales. By combining a print with a plain you will create styles that your clients will surely love.

Like all our bales, this one comes pressed with a weight of 100 pounds or 45 kilograms, and as we mentioned earlier this equates to between 240 and 260 pieces depending on the variety of materials that are included.

Don’t wait any longer and buy this bale of Premium Blouses XL so that you can pamper your clients.