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If you are looking for options to offer your clients the most comfortable and fashionable tennis shoes so that they can use in different activities, our pack of “Sport shoes” is your best option.

This bale, unlike our clothing bales, comes in a box and includes 20 pairs of tennis shoes. To avoid damaging the shoes, this bale is not compressed, as doing so could cause the tennis shoes to become deformed and even break.

Inside the box you will find tennis shoes for infants, children, women and men, all new and ready to go! The colors that you can find in our “Sport shoes” pack are varied since we offer you from classic tones such as black, beige or gray, to modern tones such as phosphorescent colors very typical of sports shoes or combinations of patterns such as camouflage, special for adventure shoes.

The bale includes both sports and casual tennis shoes and you can also find boots that are ideal to use on outdoor expeditions… these boots are ideal to use in combination with our bale clothing “Fishing / Hunting mix “to achieve a fashionable and functional style for these types of activities. By acquiring these bales in combination, you will be sure to put together outfits that your customers will love.

Within the variety of sports shoes that are included, you can find tennis for running, for playing soccer, for training in the gym and for walking, all ideal to offer your clients the variety they need.

On the other hand, the casual tennis shoes that are included in the pack will help your clients to look stylish and fashionable, at the same time that they are comfortable to carry out any activity that their day to day requires.

The brands that are included in the bale are varied, but of great quality! You will find tennis from Nike, UnderArmour, Fila, Adidas, Puma, Vans, Converse as you can see, our pack of “Sport shoes” offers you a wide variety of products at affordable prices that will meet the needs of the most demanding customers, whether they look for tennis to exercise, or just want to be fashionable while looking stylish and comfortable on your feet. If you want to know more about this bale or have any questions, contact us! At Ropa Mundo we want to offer you the best products for your customers and we are available to answer your questions, so do not hesitate to write to us to learn more about our pack of “Sport shoes” and our other products.