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As we told you in our previous post, it is never too early to start preparing for the hot season, and since we want you to have options for all your customers, we are going to give you more details about our Premium summer bale for extra large sizes.

This bale offers premium quality products for your customers who require large sizes but without sacrificing comfort, quality and style. All the products that are included are modern cuts, patterns that are in trend and as always, the bale weighs 100 pounds, or 45 kilograms and all the clothes are delivered clean and ready so that you can offer them to your customers and they are prepared to enjoy the hot season.

The bale includes clothing for men and women. Regarding the sizes that are included, for women they start in size 14 and go up, and for men in size 38 up. Regardless of the size that your clients require, we assure you that in this bale you will find the option for your clients of large sizes to be fashionable and comfortable during the summer.

Among the styles that are included in this cap, you will find clothes for women that have a special touch to make them look modern and clothes with a more youthful trend for customers looking for a more jovial style. We also offer garments in a variety of materials to ensure that your clients stay cool in hotter weather.

Among the type of garments that the bale includes are pants in different cuts, whether they are capris, skinny or straight in fabrics such as denim or cotton. As for dresses, we have both plain and printed in a variety of colors and combinations that will make your clients look pretty and fashionable, and also in different lengths so they can be comfortable. Likewise, the paca offers men’s shirts with both short and long sleeves and with prints such as squares, stripes or plain.

Additionally, this bale also offers bathing suits for both men and women in different cuts and styles so that they can enjoy a day at the pool. Likewise, the bale contains new sportswear and underwear so that you can have a fairly wide range of products to offer to your customers, whether they want clothes for daily use or for a special occasion.

In terms of colors, the bale includes a wide variety of colors that go from plain sober tones, to prints in bright colors or even some garments in neon colors, which are very attractive for the season.