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Now that spring is here, our clients usually look for clothes that allow them to be comfortable, fresh and fashionable, and our pack of shirts or ladies t-shirts is a great option for you to stock your stores.

This bale in addition to offering a great variety of products is a great investment since it has a price of USD $ 130 and a weight of 100 pounds or 45 kilograms, but due to the type of garments it contains a lot of quantity, around 340 pieces. As you can imagine, the profits that the garments of this bale will leave you are very good and the combinations you can achieve to offer your clients as a set using our bales of inferior garments are enormous.

Inside the bale you will find short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts, in solid colors and with prints. In the patterns you can find those of cartoons, phrases, images … a great variety of patterns that are very suitable to wear in hot weather. But not only that, we also have striped, plaid print, sport tank tops and some with buttons. You will also find sleeveless shirts with applications on the neck or even with lace, and in this category of shirts you will find the tank top type or those with spaghetti straps. With the latter, your clients can create a summer look that will make them look beautiful and fashionable without a doubt.

As you can see, this bale has a fairly wide variety that your clients will undoubtedly enjoy because of the versatility that these shirts have for daily use, whether they combine them with jeans or they can even achieve a casual-formal look depending on how they combine the different ones. garments.

The sizes included in the bale range from small to extra large and some garments may have stains but these are washed off.

This bale is a great opportunity since the fabrics of the shirts being sheer tend to be thin and weigh less than a winter shirt and therefore the amount of garments you receive is greater, giving you a better profit margin and many options for offer to your clients in this hot season.

Don’t wait any longer and take advantage of this great option that we have for you!