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If you are looking for items so that your clients can entertain the little ones in the house, or even make gifts, our toy bales are your best option!

In our toy bundles you will find a wide variety of articles for children from 1 to 12 years old and for all tastes; balls, action figures, soft and rigid toys… we assure you that in this category there will always be something to satisfy the little ones.

Our bales of toys come in two presentations: pallet and sacks. Depending on the type of product, it is the way they are packaged and they weigh 40 pounds.

The sacks include smaller items such as action figures up to 15 centimeters, balls of different sizes, dice, educational toys, stuffed dolls, cloth dolls and generally toys that are made of malleable materials.

As for pallet toys, these are larger toys and tend to be made of stiffer materials such as plastic. Here you will find options such as strollers, kitchens, cars, trucks, and similar products.

These bales, both in sacks and pallets, are not compressed as this process could break or injure the toys and we want you to receive your products in the best possible condition and their weight is also variable depending on the volume that each toy occupies.

In a similar way to the bales of clothes, all the toys are of use but are in good condition and we make sure that they do not lack components, such as, for example, that the dolls have all their eyes and that they are in good condition so that they children can enjoy them.

Some toys may have details of wear but this does not affect their ability to function properly. In the bales you will not find toys that use batteries, this for the safety of you and your customers since a battery in bad condition could cause problems in the transport of the bale.

These bales are of particular interest to our customers at festive times such as Christmas or Children’s Day, as they are undoubtedly the best option to find gifts at unbeatable prices, so don’t wait any longer and get ready for this season with our toy bales .